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Solid hardwood, handcrafted, affordable, tabletops

At TGT, every order is custom made. While there are typical sizes for restaurants, we have the ability to custom make anything you need to make your restaurant stand apart. With each tabletop, we hand select each board from sustainable hardwoods, prep every piece by hand, and take pride in finishing out our tabletops with the highest quality finish. Need a custom stain? Need a custom size? Looking for the right profile? We don't nickel and dime you. Stain, profiles, custom cuts are all available at no extra charge.

The Giving Table Woodshop

About Us

Specializing in affordable, high quality, handcrafted, restaurant tables and furniture, The Giving Table offers a range of products from commercial and corporate settings to quality butcher block tops. We want your restaurant, your business and your home to provide the best space for gatherings to happen. ​ Not only will each table provide the perfect canvas for your meals, for each table that is sold, a portion of the sales are donated to providing meals for starving children in the most impoverished areas of the world.


The world's most solvable problem.

TGT is committed to donating a
portion of every purpose to helping
provide food for the most
impoverished areas of the world.