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American Flag - The Giving Table
19" x 10" x 1-3/8"26" x 13-5/8" x 1-3/8"

American Flag

$230.00 – $314.00
Add a little patriotism to your kitchen!  This American Flag is a beautiful board that is sure to capture the attention of all your guests.  Two sizes to choose from...
Ash End Grain Chopping Block - The Giving Table

Ash End Grain Chopping Block

16" x 27" x 2" End Grain Ash Chopping Block
Bell Charcuterie Board - The Giving Table

Bell Charcuterie Board

$72.00 – $86.00
Bell-shaped charcuterie. Hand crafted unique board with handle for easy pick up or can be used as decor. Measures 20-1/4" x 7" x 5/8".
Large Cutting Board - The Giving Table

Large Cutting Board

$58.00 – $70.00
Large cutting board, for the larger cooking endeavors. Versatile and easy to clean, this board comes in 3 different types of wood: Maple (pictured), a warm cherry wood, and robust Walnut. Measures...
Large Mixed Wood Butcher Block - The Giving Table

Large Mixed Wood Butcher Block

A butcher block for even the most discerning of chefs, this durable block can handle anything you can dish out. It is handcrafted with a mixture of walnut, maple and...
Maple Charcuterie Board - The Giving Table

Maple Charcuterie Board

Maple Charcuterie Board with Walnut and Padauk stripes.
Maple Cutting Board w/Cherry Stripe - The Giving Table

Maple Cutting Board w/Cherry Stripe

$184.00 – $199.00
A beautiful edge-grain maple cutting board with a cherry stripe offset by strips of walnut.  Measures 20" x 16" x 2".
Mosaic Wood Serving Board - The Giving Table

Mosaic Wood Serving Board

Come to the table hungry because this serving board will have the capacity to feed as many mouths as you can get to the table! Made with different types of...
Ombre Cutting Board - The Giving Table

Ombre Cutting Board

There is a simple elegance to this Ombre cutting board that makes it one of my favorites.  Made from walnut and European beech, the Ombre cutting board measures 16" x...
Purpleheart & Maple - The Giving Table

Purpleheart & Maple

Do you have someone who loves the color purple?  This unique cutting board is made from Purpleheart and Maple and is sure to be an eye-catcher in any kitchen.  It...
Serving Tray with Handles - The Giving Table

Serving Tray with Handles

Handcrafted from dark walnut, our end grain tray gives your food a sophisticated look that will catch the eye of everyone at your party.   This large board with topside handles is sized...
Small Chopping Block - The Giving Table

Small Chopping Block

$80.00 – $100.00
Small chopping block. Petite in size for the fast paced kitchen or the minimalistic country home. This board comes in 3 types of wood, pictured is Maple.  Measures 14" x...