Kitchen Countertops

The Beauty of Wood

Wood brings warmth to any home.  So what better place to add warmth than to the very heart of your home, your kitchen?

Because of the natural beauty, the organic grounding, and the feeling of a warm welcome, nothing compares to wood on your countertops and island top. The rich colors and grain pattern of wood are timeless yet give every kitchen character and old-world refinement that can’t be found in the colder, more formal feel of granite or engineered stone.

Unlimited Options

When you bring the beauty of wood into your kitchen you have so many types of wood and color variations for your unique design. You can choose light or dark wood, change the thickness, and even how the wood is cut. All of these countless options will ensure your kitchen has the personality and presence you desire.

Maintenance Free Finish

TGT uses a special finishing process that makes your countertop a maintenance-free, food safe, and waterproof surface and is impervious to most household chemicals. Through a ten-step process, we take care to make sure your finish brings out the beauty of the wood while providing an incredibility durable and long lasting top. This finish is sure to last a lifetime.